Los Angeles Metro Red Line Segments 2 & 3

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Project Location:
Los Angeles, California

Total Project Value:

Pre-Construction Photo Documentation, Risk Management Information System Development, Public Awareness Program, Job Training for Inspectors


Project Overview

For the Los Angeles County MTA’s Red Line construction project, MORGNER was retained to develop a Risk Management Information System (RMIS 100) that was used to access and document existing defects to buildings and other structures along the Metro system’s right-of-way. The purpose of the photos and documentation was to ascertain the pre-construction condition of the various properties in order to defend the MTA against property owner claims that might arise as a result of construction or the operation of the rail system. MORGNER interfaced with project engineers to conduct the documentation, and developed CAD and GIS applications for the surveys.

MORGNER conducted an area awareness program that maintained an effective link with the Los Angeles community regarding pre-construction photo documentation activities. The program included the identification of demographic and economic profiles for each area affected by construction and preparation and distribution of notifications to every individual residence and business in the areas. MORGNER’s bilingual field staff explained the survey to a large number of residents and business owners.

MORGNER also developed a job-training program for all inspectors. The training program consisted of an intensive, month-long curriculum. Training included 40 hours in the classroom and 3 weeks of on-the-job training. Qualified inspectors were monitored over a six-month period for quality control. In order to have the Inspectors maintain high quality inspection standards, they were required to attend special workshops developed by MORGNER to keep them informed of the latest documentation methods and procedures.